King Kekaulike High School

King Kekaulike High School, home of the Na Ali'i, was established in 1995 and is located in Pukalani, Hawaii.
It serves the communities of Haiku, Kula, Makawao, Paia, and Pukalani. 

121 Kula Hwy, Makawao, HI 96768 | 808-727-3500 | ESTABLISHED IN 1995

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Senior Project Grading


Your child must complete a senior project in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.

We hope that you are nearing completion of your senior project.
Please read the following information carefully.

1) Product grading is Jan 16-19. That is the week after you return from Winter Break. You need to be completely done with everything you stated in your letter of intent, this includes share-outs and the 500 word reflection. You will have 10 mins to present your evidence to the table so please organize it in either hardcopy or digital form (remember no phones).

2) Share-outs- if you are sharing out on campus make sure that you have it arranged with teachers. Many of you are already sharing out which is great! You can share-out when you get back from break Jan 8-12, but if you haven't arranged it before hand teachers may not have room if you wait until the last minute.

3) Final Mentor Approval- you will need to see your mentor when you are completely done with your product to show them all of your evidence. They will use the same link at the bottom of the product hour summary to sign off. It would be a good idea to show them the same evidence you will be bringing to the table. This needs to be done in person, please don't just send your mentor an email and expect them to sign you off. 

4) Recovery- If you are either missing any evidence or are not done with your product at the time of product grading you will be assigned Saturday school on either Feb 3rd or 24th, depending on what the problem is. You will report to Saturday school to show your missing evidence and get re-graded. Failure to report on your assigned day will result in you NOT being scheduled to present on March 16th and thus being placed into 4th Qtr recovery. 

Remember you must complete a senior project in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. Please do everything you can to get things done on time so that you do not prolong your stress!